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Mikrochem – Slovak manufacturer and supplier in chemical industry

Wherever you work, you need it. Though it may sound unbelievable, it is true. What is it? Chemistry.

We have been active as a Slovak manufacturer and supplier in chemical industry since 1990. We supply products at unrivalled prices compared to quality attested by check-out control and safety data sheet as you are accustomed.

Are you engaged with chemical laboratories, scientific institutes, schools or research workplaces?

Order our laboratory chemicals in p.a, UV, HPLC, MS ... quality, finished solutions and agents identifying ammonia, water in oil substances, oils, pure and pharmaceutical chemicals (Hydranal, Aquadet1,2 or 5 – single-component agent as a substitute for Fisher’s agent), and various types of indicators ...

Are you engaged with pharmaceutical production, laboratory, pharmacy or hospital?

We offer laboratory chemicals in SL1, Ph Eur., drugs (liquid non-sterile for internal and external use), medicinal products, active pharmaceutical substances, reagents for pharmacopoeial analyses, solutions designed for colouring in hematology, indicators, solutions proving urobilinoids in clinical biochemistry, solutions used in gynaecology for sterilisation of driers, sterilizer, tools, in hematology for colouring of blood smears, in microbiology for detection of indole production, identification of presence of aerobe and anaerobe MO ...

Are you engaged with food industry?

Chemicals in food quality, solutions identifying iodide number, solutions proving reducing sugars, solution identifying polysaccharides (reaction with aldehyd. groups), LipOl P universal cleaning agents suitable for cleaning and degreasing of metals, plastics, and conveyor belts in food industry ...

Are you engaged with other industry using technical chemistry?

We supply inorganic chemistry in bulk packages or containers.

Other uses of our products?

  • At swimming pools and baths. We produce swimming pool chemistry for pH treatment, flocculators, disinfection chemistry for pools based on chlorine or oxygen. Order set for chlorine detection in water.
  • In automotive, electro-technical, chemical, and machine industry. We offer Tecusol 75 – cold degreaser, environmentally friendly and suitable for cleaning of engines, brakes, tools, minor components, final cleaning of devices, machines, before assembly and de-assembly in machine engineering. LipOl – alcoholic universal cleaner used in automotive, electro-technical, machine, and chemical industry.
  • In printing industry. We supply isopropanol, acetone, petrol, toluene, and xylem in quality necessary for printing production.
  • Hospitals. All for disinfection of hands, skin, surfaces, and objects: Ajatin solution, Ajatin tincture, and Persteril.
  • In any laboratories: for cleaning of glass, pipettes, ceramics, metals, plastics or rubber can be done with the use of special concentrates with demulsification effect without silicates and with anti-corrosion protection, phosphate-free concentrates, acid concentrates suitable for mineral sediments, water stone, rust or neutral concentrates suitable for cleaning of distillation remains, oils, and fats, organic and inorganic remains. Also order our laboratory glass, ceramics, plastics, temperature meters, densimeter, equipment for dosing, filtration, occupational security.

You do not have to buy unnecessarily expensive chemical products of foreign brands. Right now, you found your supplier, everything under one roof. Order chemistry, glass, and equipment or order our services.

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